About Michele Paradise

Short Biography

This is usually the page where you expect to hear about all of my qualifications, how I’ve worked in human behavior for almost 20 years, all the certifications I have, who I’ve trained with and possibly, how amazing I am as a healer, but I’m going to disappoint you.

Instead, I’m going to tell you that I am just like you. A human being who has experienced a lot of disappointment and suffering in relationships, missed a lot of cues and blamed others for the failure of the relationships.

I’ve dated on all levels, through friends, social situations and online. I’ve tried them all. I’ve been married, divorced, have 2 children, been betrayed by my best friend who was having an affair with my then husband and some things I can’t even share with you to protect the innocence of the people involved.

I’m not telling you this because I want your sympathy, I’m telling you this because I want you to know that I understand relationships on a personal and professional level.

So what changed? How did I come out of that dark place and develop healthy and loving relationships, both romantically and platonically? I realized that I was the common denominator. It was no one else’s fault, not even mine, but it was my responsibility to become aware of what I was doing in relationships, how I was triggered and how I could do things differently to get better results and now I help my clients do it for themselves.

My overriding belief in order to heal from damaging relationships with your parents, siblings, colleagues, friends or partners is…See it, Feel it, Heal it.

For those of you who would still like to know what my qualifications are, here you go:
* Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the co-creator,  Dr Richard Bandler, and qualified as a trainer and became his assistant for 10 years.
*Studied hypnosis and hypnotherapy with Paul McKenna, the world renowned  hypnotherapists became his assistant for years
*A C
ertified Clinical Hypnotherapist
*A practitioner of Havening Techniques, trained by the creator Dr Ronald Ruden
*Personal Development Coach with Deepak Chopra on his digital wellness platform Jiyo
*Currently doing a certification program with Dr Gabor Maté, one of the top trauma and addiction specialists in the world

All of these skills enables Michele to quickly and effectively track the trauma in a client’s life and help them become aware of their behavior and make good decisions to change for the better. Michele believes that the most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself and she will enable you to learn how to heal the wounds from the past and form better relationships in the future.

Michele is a mother, daughter, sister and lives in London where she sees clients from all over the world online and in person. She is currently writing a book entitled “I Married My Father”, on the subject of relationships and is about to launch her podcast by the same name.

Michele was formerly an international runway model for 20 years where she really learned about human behavior and non-verbal communication!

My Story

My Father

The man who changed my life. He was a tall man in many ways.

Primary School

Graduation from primary school and always the tallest one in the group!

My Mother

A dear, sweet woman who gave much more than she received.

High School Graduation

So fresh and full of hope and thankfully not a terrible hairdo to look at for the rest of my life!

Modeling 1980s

The hottest day of the year and who had on the hottest clothes?! Who said modeling was glamorous?

Modelling Days

One of my favorite modelling pics. There weren’t many as I was a runway model!

My Kids

Never thought I would be a mother. So very happy I am to these 2 wonderful humans!

Zandra Rhodes

She ‘discovered’ me in the US, took me to the UK and I was her model/muse for 18 years and still great friends.

My Mannequin

Lucky to be immortalized in fiberglass! Not many people get that opportunity. A highlight of my modelling career.

Dr Richard Bandler

The beginning of my journey of self-discovery. Co-creator of NLP. A wonderful teacher and delighted I was his assistant for 10 years.

Illustration of Me

Another highlight of my modelling career. I prefer illustrations over photos. A great interpretation of me.

Paul McKenna

Another turning point in my life learning hypnotherapy from one of the top hypnotists in the world and becoming his assistant.

Bridal Coach

Working with brides to be as the Bridal Coach, which taught me so much about relationships.

The Posture Wand

One of my inventions to enable people to have better posture, look younger, thinner and more confident. Remember to look up!

Havening Techniques

So blessed to have learned and qualified with the creators of Havening Techniques.

Deepak Chopra

He loved Havening Techniques and appointed me his Personal Development Coach on his digital wellness program Jiyo.

All Grown Up

The kids and I all grown up…them not me!

Dr Gabor Maté

Delighted to be in the process of certifying with Dr Gabor Maté in Compassionate Inquiry.

Michele has appeared as an Expert & Judge on the following TV shows…

This is a short and comprehensive self-Havening session from Michele Paradise, who is a certified Havening Practictioner and Personal Development Coach for Deepak Chopra on his digital wellness platform Jiyo. Please follow her on this short and very powerful Havening Techniques video to down regulate negative emotions attached to events that you have experienced that have left you feeling agitated or anxious. Please only work with small events that are not deep-seated traumas. They must be dealt with by a certified Havening Practitioner so that you are supported if unexpected or deeply hidden negative emotions arise. Also, recently Justin Bieber has revealed in his recent TV show ‘Seasons’ that he now using Havening Techniques to help him to reduce his stress and anxiety.