Michelle Paradise: Mastering The Art Of Communication, Part One #79

Michele Paradise

Are you a good communicator? Are you aware of the subtleties in verbal tonality and word selection, as well as the power of physical cues and gestures? Did you know there are modalities of speech, touch, and even hypnosis that can heal and transform your relationships, past trauma, and even erase painful memories? Our guest this episode is Michele Paradise, a master practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), hypnosis, and a groundbreaking new therapy based on neuroscience, called Havening.

In this epic double episode, Michele takes us on a journey through her process of personal transformation and shares with us twenty-plus years of experience in the field of personal development and spiritual pursuit.

She describes how she combines these various healing methods to create a highly effective treatment protocol to assist her clients in overcoming long standing psychological problems, dissolve negative emotional triggers, and even disappear acute physical and emotional pain.

Having experienced the power of Michele’s work myself in recent months, I’m overjoyed to share her message and wisdom with you, the listener.

May this show illuminate the endless possibilities of human potential and evolution.

Here’s to creating your own reality!


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Topics Discussed on today’s (Part One) Episode:

Michele’s Kundalini yoga awakenings The rocky road of the spiritual seeker How her anorexia led her in the direction of personal development and her work The dangers of orthorexia, and how to treat eating disorders naturally The power of non-verbal communication The reason texting is such a poor method of communicating Wins and disappointments on her journey to growth How she cured herself of being infertile The power of hypnosis for overcoming personal blocks Why she believes no person is ‘broken’, but only stuck The history of Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP, and how she became a master partitioner, and uses it to help people enrich their communication Why metaphor is so influential in human decision making The dark side of persuasion in sales and seduction The words we should avoid if we want to communicate effectively The importance of avoiding words such as ‘try’ ‘should’ ‘shouldn’t’ and ‘don’t’ The fact that asking ‘how’ questions is so much more powerful than ‘why’ questions Part Two Episode:

‘Universal quantifiers’ and arguments We’re in a hypnotic state everyday You can’t change other people, but you can change how you respond to them, which in turn changes the way they respond to you How relationships are the most powerful tool of spiritual growth The power of THE PAUSE to de-escalate drama Barack Obama’s secret weapon for giving powerful speeches The mind loves story-telling about someone else: an NLP tool How energy vibrations influence our interactions How she uses a groundbreaking technique known as ‘havening’ to help clients overcome past trauma, and emotional blocks Why childhood trauma often causes people to become more susceptible to addiction EMDR therapy and how it works to reprogram your brain The science of why hugging is so healing to humans Lifestyle recommendations


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