How To Avoid Another S***ty Relationship (Or Fix The One You’re In) #204

Michele Paradise

Do you keep falling into the same patterns in your relationship? Feel like you keep dating the same person, even if they have different names and faces? Struggling to find your voice in intimate situations?

Today, Michele Paradise returns to teach us about the science of our relationships, why we migrate to certain romantic partnerships, and what it is in our subconscious that causes these feelings and patterns – for both men and women.

Michele is a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), and if you’re not familiar, NLP is personal development, communication, and psychotherapy tool that helps people think differently about how the world works and achieve excellence in everyday life.

You may wonder what that has to do with relationships, but language is one of the most important aspects of relationships – and when we better understand the science behind it, we have a lot more power to make our voice heard and understood.

We get stuck in these patterns because we are all products of romanticism, not reason, but today we’ll learn how Michele helps her clients find their voices in consciously choosing their partners and in finding their voices in intimacy.

Topics Discussed In This Episode:

What’s been going on since we last spoke to Michele in episodes 79 and 80 Getting in bed with Michele Paradise The dilemma with technology and real communication The shadow side of our parents being role models for partnerships Hypnotic loops with and without purpose Waking up and forcing ourselves to think How opening up your heart with Kundalini Yoga can help you create new patterns Conscious coupling How to find your voice in intimacy and relationships Overcoming the sexual shame that men and women experience Accenting words in normal conversations and covert hypnosis Asking for what you want – what you REALLY want Sex being in the mind not the body The value of opening yourself up to explore sexually with your partner Working through trauma loops and triggers, from past experiences, in new relationships Havening and role-Havening The difference between EMDR and Havening

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